What is Mermaid Fitness™?

Mermaid Fitness™ is a total health and wellness experience, offering participants the chance to find their own version of strong through body-awareness, self-empowerment and absolute joy!

A Challenging Fitness Experience

The Mermaid Workout℠ is a fusion-style group fitness class integrating the healing practice of yoga, the core-tightening principles of pilates and barre, and the fluid cardio-fun of a deep-water aquatic experience.

What is The Mermaid Workout℠?

Similar to swimming and certain styles of yoga and pilates, The Mermaid Workout℠ is simultaneously challenging and serene. It is, simply, unlike any other fitness class you’ve ever experienced!

A Fitness Revolution

During class, we will “prepare,” “become,” “play,” then “transition” back to land–life strengthened and renewed in body and spirit. Each class is a journey toward becoming the badass mer-person you were born to be!


Classes will be held at Delta College's Fitness Center. 1961 Delta Rd., University Center, MI

Come Join the Mermaid Workout℠.


Come join the Mermaid Workout℠

This fusion-style class integrates the healing practice of yoga, the core-tightening principles of pilates and barre, and the fluid cardio-fun of a deep-water aquatic experience. Participants will be utilizing a “Mermaid Tail” (monofin) and should know how to swim and be comfortable in and around the water.

Demos will be held (9/12, 9/19 & 9/26) Saturdays in September at 8am and 8:30am. Come try this exciting new workout for FREE! Please call 989-971-9089 or email us to register for a spot in one of these free demos!

Regular classes will start in October and will run every Saturday at 8am!


The Mermaid Workout℠

Young swimmers can join the fun, fantasy-filled experience of MerKids℠.


Dreams come true with MerKids℠!

MerKids is a fun, fantasy-filled fitness experience for younger swimmers incorporating monofin swimming, some basic aquatic yoga, barre strengthening and lots and lots of smiles! Participants should know how to swim and be comfortable in and around the water.

Demos will be held (9/19, 9/26, 10/10 & 10/17) Saturdays in September and October at 9am. You and your child can watch a 10-minute demo of a portion of the class then your child can have a chance to try on a fin and test the waters! Come see what this class is all about for FREE! Please call 989-971-9089 or email us to register for a spot in one of these free demos!

Regular classes will start on October 31st and will run in a regular 7-week session (until 12/19 – with no class on 11/28). Please register your child at the Delta College Fitness Center front desk.



Keep checking back for more info regarding our two new classes specifically designed for older adults and advanced participants.


SilverFins℠ & AdvancedFins℠

The Mermaid Fitness™ Philosophy

We believe achieving health, wellness and balance should be fun and feel good, even as it challenges you to work hard. A good workout should be empowering and improve your body-awareness. We believe that fitness is the process of deepening the connection between your mind and body and becoming the healthiest, happiest version of who you are, who you have always been and who you have always wanted to be.


We believe there is a difference between athletics and health. Though, athletics may help us achieve some aspects of health, our overall wellness is not determined merely by the abilities of our physical body. Athleticism may lead to lasting health but only if the mind and body are joined together in the common pursuit of self-love and self-care. We believe that true health begins in the mind and the heart with a spirit of self-love, self-acceptance and the endless courage it requires to continuously evolve. From there, the body can be appreciated, loved, healed and made ever more healthy.


We believe there is a time for “going hard” and a time for rest, relaxation and taking stock. It is the goal of Mermaid Fitness™ to help you journey toward that balance. More importantly, it is the goal of Mermaid Fitness™ to encourage you to enjoy yourself on that journey.


And why tails? Mermaids are an ancient symbol of power, strength, beauty and grace. All of these qualities seem to come naturally from their deep belief in themselves (and their strong tails, of course!). In this way, Mermaids embody true wellness. Aside from all of that, it’s just hella fun to slip on a tail and move through the water like it’s what your body was born to do! And with that mercilessly long tail lever, Mermaids have the strongest, tightest, hardest core of any creature on land or sea!

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    Attend a class


    Attend a Class

    To take a Mermaid Workout℠ class contact us using the contact form below.

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    Who can do the mermaid Workout℠?


    Who Can Do The Mermaid Workout℠?

    The short answer is: anybody and everybody!

    The longer answer is that participants in the Mermaid Workout℠ should be comfortable in the water and possess basic swimming skills. For participants who are comfortable in the water but are not especially strong swimmers, we offer flotation devices and modifications so you can still join in the fun.

    But what if I'm shy? If you’re just shy, we forgive you, because dammit! You’re adorable! There are plenty of shy Merpeople! If you’re one of these and feel drawn to the water anyway, please consider taking one of our private one-on-one sessions to discover your shy Mermaid style.

    But what if dressing up like a Mermaid to workout just doesn’t sound that fun to me? Well, there’s very little we can do to help you but for goodness sake, please help yourself! Not sure if you got the memo but life is short. If being a Badass Mermaid just isn’t your thing, we urge you to at least find something that is: rock-climbing, bungee-jumping, scuba-diving, whatever. Just do something FUN with that awesomeness, big brain and amazing body of yours!

    But what if I’m ashamed of my body or feel awkward about my body? Then, please, oh awesome one, take the time to read the following:
    #1: you – exactly like you are – are beautiful.
    #2: If you want to believe #1 then learning how to love yourself FIRST is key. This often takes more than will. Sometimes it takes therapists, counselors, new nutrition regimens, maybe supplements, self-help books, a lot of quality sleep, time to learn about yourself and the freedom to be yourself (and if you don’t have that freedom, the huge logistical shift it will probably take to get it). In short, it takes much more than Mermaid FitnessН itself can give you! But…
    #3: Let us help by being part of your journey! Whether you can slip right into the water and we start swimming together today (you might consider one of our private one-on-one sessions) OR we need to work with you to transition slowly into the water, EVERYONE deserves to feel the shamelessness and beauty of being a Mermaid! Especially YOU!

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    Great Lakes Mermaid Association


    Great Lakes Mermaid Association

    An exciting adventure. A great cause. Stay tuned as there is more to come!

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    It's Not Just Us!


    It's Not Just Us!

    Mermaids are clearly taking over! Here are some links to our Mermaid Brethren around the world:
    The Mermaid Club
    Mermaid Kariel in Hawaii
    The Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy
    Montreal’s AquaMermaid
    Weeki Wachee’s Mermaid Camp in Florida
    JustLuxe article asking if “Mermaid Workouts” could “Be the Next Big Trend in Fitness?” Mermaid Fitness says, “Hells Yes!”

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    GoFundMe Campaign


    GoFundMe Campaign

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to our April 2015 GoFundMe campaign! Finis Monofins were successfully purchased! Shiny new silver and blue skins, for adults and children are on their way! And Mermaid Fitness is almost ready to make Mermaids out of lucky Merpeeps everywhere! Eternal Mermaid Love to all of you who showed your belief in Mermaid Fitness! Endless gratitude. Mahalo and Namaste.

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    Be Prepared for class


    Be Prepared for Class

    If you are going to join us for The Mermaid Workout℠, first of all, Yay! We can’t wait to see you. Second, here are some tips to feel prepared and successful for your first time in the tail:

    Please only attend The Mermaid Workout℠ if you are comfortable in the water. A general ability to swim and keep yourself afloat in deep water is also necessary. For participants who feel comfortable in the water and can keep themselves afloat but aren’t the strongest swimmers, we can modify your experience by having you wear a flotation belt during the “play” (in-the-water) portion of the class.

    Please wear a supportive one-piece bathing suit or tankini to The Mermaid Workout℠. You will be moving and bending and lifting and lengthening so a smaller-coverage, leisure swimsuit is not practical. Also, the tail you will be slipping on will go OVER your swim bottoms, not take the place of them. Generously gifted Mermaids (you know who you are) will also want to wear a Sports Bra under their bathing suit.

    Yes, Mermaids are known to wear clam-shell bras and silly, cute unmentionables like that BUT those are just their leisure wear, Badass Mermaids wear real workout gear they can really move in.



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